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Retail Analytic Professionals offers a number of products and productized services in addition to our ad-hoc consulting services.  These include:

  • Site Mining for Property Owners – Developed in conjunction with Site Analytics, this retailer matching tool for property owners and managers will help you show a retailer that their customers are in your market.
  • Site Mining for Retailers – Retail Analytic Professionals is an authorized reseller of Site Analytics' Site Mining for Retailers.  This online application helps retailers quickly and objectively find comparables for prospective store locations to answer that critical question: Is the new site similar to your best stores or your worst ones?
  • Market Screen for Property Owners - Our Market Screen report will determine the trade area for your center and identify national retailers that operate in similar markets but that are not in your specific trade area.  


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Site Mining for Property Owners 
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Site Mining for Retailers 

Developed by Site Analytics Co., Site Mining for Retailers can provide immediate insight into potential store locations.

Many real estate decisions boil down to one question: Is this new site similar to your best stores or your worst ones? If it’s comparable to your best performers, you have a pretty good sense you’ll do well at this location too. If it turns out you’ve opened several stores like this one and they’ve done poorly, you’ll want to think twice about choosing this location.

SiteMining helps clients quickly and objectively find comparables. It’s an online service, available 24/7, for clients to perform their own powerful analyses in minutes.

SiteMining also performs a wide range of additional analyses. Unique among any software package, SiteMining is interactive in a way that other systems aren’t. Ask a question, get an answer. In seconds. 

Contact James at 518-290-0360 or for more information on how this powerful application can help in your store portfolio expansion analysis.







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RAP Market Screen 

Have a challenging vacancy?  Or just trying to optimize your tenant mix and identify the best retailers for your center?


Introducing a powerful new approach to filling your tenant vacancies and identifying the best retailers for your market.


Our Market Screen report will determine the trade area for your center and identify national retailers that operate in similar markets but that are not in your specific trade area.  We will screen your market against the market leading ReCap[1] retailer location database to identify potential retail prospects.

Once we’ve reviewed these preliminary results with you we’ll prepare our unique Market Match reports on targeted retailers that will identify which of the retailers’ existing markets most closely resemble the characteristics of your center’s market.  This proprietary process ensures that you focus on retailers that will recognize and appreciate the characteristics of your market… they’ll see their customers in your trade area which will accelerate leasing discussions and ensure you a profitable deal.

Contact us now to get a Market Screen and Market Match report run for your center.

The Market Screen study will:

  • Define the primary trade area for the center
  • Review the current demographic and lifestyle characteristics of the trade area and indicate how they will change over the next five years
  • Review the projected growth for retail expenditures, by retail tenant type for the next five years
  • Indicate what retail will be needed in the greater area to meet the needs of the projected market
  • Identify current retail voids in the market 
  • Identify what retail tenant categories are supportable for your center
  • And, recommend specific national retailers within the retail tenant categories

After discussing the Market Screen results with you we will jointly identify three to five retailers to conduct deeper research on.  The Market Match study will

  • Identify which of the targeted national retailers existing markets most closely resemble the characteristics of your center’s market.
  • Include a detailed one page Market Match sheet highlighting the similarities across key variables between your market and markets where the target retailer already operates 
  • Provide supporting evidence that the target retailers target customers are present in your market.

With these powerful market analysis tools in hand, your leasing and marketing teams will be well prepared to make a compelling argument to the target retailer(s) that they belong in your market.


We’ll tell you the ‘who’, ‘what’, and ‘why’… the ‘how’ is up to you! 


Empower your leasing staff by contacting us today via phone or email by reaching James at 

518-290-0360 or




[1] The ReCap database is the industry’s most accurate and comprehensive retail business point database. It is a verified file of more than 812,500 retail locations offered by Competitive Analytic Professionals.  Learn more at

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RAP Shopping Center Map Submission Service


It is now possible to supply detailed information on shopping center building layouts, tenant locations, parking lots and entrances to search engine providers including Google and Microsoft’s Bing for inclusion in their online mapping products.

Retail Analytic Professionals has established a program for the collection, transmittal, loading, and management of this data with these online map providers. Our Shopping Center Map Submission Service will collect, standardize, and submit your data to Google and Bing  and then mange the process to ensure that the data gets successfully published in their online and mobile mapping products. 

Why is this important?  It helps your tenants by helping consumers locate them in your centers from both general search engine queries as well as map centric searches, plus it enables door-to-door navigation. As more retail store search activity moves to mobile handsets (one third of searches from mobile devices are driven by local intent), accurate mapping and location data is vital.

Without this data some stores may not appear in search results, and/or may be shown in the wrong location since many mall addresses won’t geocode correctly without the internal road segments and corresponding addresses.



Make your centers look like this:








Instead of this:













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