Retail Analytic Professionals
Our Services 

We provide customer profiling, site selection analysis, trade area definition, market void analysis, and retailer matching analysis to retailers and retail property owners. Additional marketing services such as target customer identification, search engine marketing, and social network marketing campaigns are also available. 

Specific Services include: 

Customer Analysis 
• Customer Profiling (Demographic and Psychographic) 
• Target Customer identification/Target Marketing  
• Target Customer Market Presence Analysis 

Market Analysis 
• Retail Market Research, Strategies, and Analysis
• Retail Site Matching
• Site Selection Location Analysis
• Market Void analysis 
• Competitive analysis 
• Market positioning strategies 
• Definition and Analysis of Trade Area 
• Determination of Expenditure Potential 
• Cannibalization (Sister Store Impact) Analysis 

Tenant Analysis                                                                            
• Tenant Mix Evaluation/Strategies 
• Retail matching for property owners and managers
• Retail store location data from Competitive Analytic Professionals (CAP)

Feasibility Studies 
• Retail Feasibility Study
• Shopping Center Feasibility Studies 
• Retail Expansion Planning 

Social Marketing 
• Facebook & Twitter hosting/management/posting 
• Internet presence analysis 

• GIS Needs Assessment  
Store Location point files with defined trade areas

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